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"Say Goodbye to Himalayan Dog Chews & Yak Chews: Introducing Cheesy100 American Dog Cheese Chews!"

The Crunch Your Dog Craves For

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Cheese Dog chews, 100% natural , Made in the USa, handmade, Dog cheese chews

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Free Shipping on Chessy100™ Cheese Dog Chews

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Upgrade Your Dog's Chew Game with Cheesy100 - The Superior Alternative to Himalyan Dog Chews & Yak Chews

The best choice for your furry friend? Cheesy100 Cheese Dog Chews, hands down. Made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, these chews not only make your dog happy, but also provide them with essential vitamins, minerals, and highly digestible single protein.


And let's not forget the "wow" factor - watch as a Cheesy100 Cheese DogChew transforms into a mouthwatering, fluffy, and up to 7 times bigger treat when heated in the microwave.


Don't settle for mediocre chews, give your dog the best with Cheesy100Cheese Chews Dog the Alternative to Himalayan Dog Chews and Yak Chews. Trust us, they'll thank you for it.


So, don't wait, order now and see the magic for yourself!

Unleash Unmatched Joy in Your Dog with Cheesy100 - The Chew that Guarantees a Smile!

french Bulldog, Himalyan Dog chews and Yak chews
Himalyan dog Chews and yak chews , how to puff

Say goodbye to bland chews, upgrade to Superfood-packed perfection for your furry companion !

Upgrade your dog's snacking game with Cheesy100 Cheese Dog Chews - the ultimate superfood for your furry friend. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these chews will boost your dog's immune system and support their growth, from healthy bones and teeth to proper muscle building and function. Perfect for puppies, seniors, and sick dogs, these chews are highly digestible and make for a great appetite



Don't settle for anything less - handcrafted with love and passion in the USA, Cheesy100 Cheese Dog Chews are guaranteed to bring a smile to your dog's face.

So why wait?

Get your paws on the best dog chew on the market today and give your dog the nutrition they deserve.

Exclusive Treats for Exceptional Dogs!

himalayna dog chews, yak chews and french bulldog

What are the differences between Cheesy100 and Himalayan Dog Chews & Yak Chews?

Meet Cheesy100 Cheese Dog Chews, the heartwarming creation of a loving family and their adorable French Bulldog named Peanut. This US-handcrafted alternative to Himalayan Dog Chews, Yak Chews, and Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews is born out of a deep passion for providing dogs with the best treats possible.

The story begins in sunny Florida, where the Mingan Professional Inc. family embarked on their journey of dog breeding. Peanut, a precious puppy from their first litter of French Bulldogs, captured their hearts with her unique face and big round eyes. Peanut's irresistible cuteness melted the hearts of everyone around her, making it nearly impossible to resist her charms.

Driven by their love for Peanut and their desire to offer her the finest treats, the family created Cheesy100 Cheese Dog Chews. They noticed that Peanut purred with delight while savoring these tasty treats, and they knew they were onto something special.

Mingan Professional Inc. has extensive experience in dog breeding, which has given them valuable insights into what keeps dogs healthy and happy. They discovered that many Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews have a low pH level due to the high content of citric acid from lemon juice. In contrast, Cheesy100 chews maintain a pH level of 6, ensuring a safer chewing experience for your furry friend compared to Himalayan Dog Chews and Yak Cheese Chews, which have a pH level of 4.

But it's not just about safety—Cheesy100 Natural Dog Treats are made with real handmade cheese derived from US milk, providing a delicious and nutritious snack for your beloved companion. The family understands the importance of avoiding splintering and sharp edges, which is why they meticulously design their treats to minimize any potential risks.

When you choose Cheesy100, you're not only supporting a family business but also contributing to the well-being of your furry friend. These natural dog treats come in two sizes: 6oz and 1 lb, and you can choose between the Original Flavor or the tantalizing Bacon option. Mingan Professional Inc. is always open to suggestions for new flavors, as they believe in catering to the diverse tastes of our canine friends.

Your satisfaction is their top priority. That's why they offer a money-back guarantee—if your dog isn't absolutely delighted with their Cheesy100 treat, they'll gladly refund your purchase. It's a testament to their commitment to delivering the highest quality and ensuring that your dog receives the love they deserve.

So, let your dog experience the crunchy satisfaction they crave with Cheesy100 Natural Dog Treats. It's a heartfelt choice that embodies the love and dedication of a family who wants nothing but the best for your four-legged companion. With Cheesy100, you're not just giving your dog a treat; you're giving them a piece of their heart.

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