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What makes our Cheesy100 American Dog Cheese Chew so unique & awesome?

  •  Handcrafted here in the USA with natural human grade ingredients by a real small family owned company.

  • Available in dogs' favorite flavors (Bacon, Mango, Beef liver, ….), long-lasting, chemical-free, a long shelf life without added preservatives ( for example Salt)

  • Our Cheesy100 American Dog Cheese Chews can puff like popcorn in the microwave ( Please follow the instructions) and expands up to seven times in volume. It smells so amazing after hot yummy grilled cheese, your dog will love it.


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Cheesy100 Logo ( Dog with cheese in mounth)

Peanut LOVES Cheesy100™!

Dog with cheese in mounth



With over 30 years of experience owning dogs, we know the problems of dog chews and also understand what our beloved dogs need and what is really good for them. Many dog chews are made with chemicals, are too acidic, smell rotting, are from unknown origin / imported from over the sea in a container for up to 3 months, and after arrival irradiated to kill germs & bugs. It is unclear which ingredients are really used to make this product.


Should this be the standard? We do not think so!


Because of these big problems, we started to develop a new unique dog chew with 100% natural human-grade ingredients, Made here in the USA, in dogs' favorite flavors, odorless, long-lasting, chemical free, and a long shelf life without added preservatives ( for example like Salt ).


The fantastic result of our development was our  Cheesy100 American Dog Cheese Chews. We found the most inspiration and confirmation for our new product from our dogs, especially from our French Bulldog Peanut. Ever since she’s been a puppy, Peanut is the greatest fan of our Cheesy100 American Cheese Chews and became also later the model for our logo.


The happiness and satisfaction of a dog are not buyable and every time 100% honest.

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